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Don't let past injury stand in the way of your fitness. We train with the longterm in mind and empower you to progress at CPI.


  • understand proper exercise progressions

  • determine physical capabilities and capacities

  • program training regimen

  • introduce precise and proper movement techniques

  • increase flexibility

  • exercise without worry of further injury

  • increase mobility

  • attain greater range of motion

  • understand and improve core stability and strength




Fitness is not one size fits all. Fitness is a journey dictated by the needs and goals of the individual. I am dedicated to creating personal plans that empower and assist you to reach your goals. I will tailor every workout to your specific needs so that you can achieve a higher level of fitness. 


I am a certified trainer in corrective exercise, a specialization that allows you to work around and find solutions to pain. I have additional sports specializations, performance enhancement expertise, and fitness improvement techniques. 


I’m here to adapt to the different circumstances of any individual that enters the studio. CPI is a fun, challenging, and result based environment. Together, we can maximize your fitness and enable you to exceed your goals. 

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